Country Dogs Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Your pet's home from home!


At Country Dogs Boarding Kennels we try to make your dog feel as at home as possible.

Our state of the art spacious kennels have an attached and covered outdoor run. Dogs sleep on orthopedic dog beds with vet bedding.

Our kennels are cleaned and disinfected every day to prevent disease and infection.

We advise that you bring a comfort item, such as a toy or blanket from home to help your dog settle in. We use DAP Therapy spray in the kennels which helps keep dogs calm and gets them used to their new environment.

Dogs are let out of their kennels at least 4 times per day for playtime in a fully enclosed outdoor runs.

We never mix dogs from different families, so we will accept intact males/females.  Multiple dogs from the one family can share a kennel and playtimes.