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Booking, opening times and services

  1. What are your opening times?

    We are open for drop off/collection and viewing from 9am-11am and 5pm-6pm. We are closed Christmas Day for drop offs or pick ups.

  2. Are you open over Christmas?

    Yes, our kennels and cattery are open all year round although we are not open to the public on Christmas day.

  3. What are your prices? Do you offer discounts for long term boarding?

    We charge 12 to 14 euro per day per dog depending on size and 8 euro per day per cat.

    We offer a 10% discount for multiple pets sharing a kennel or cat chalet.

    We do offer discounts for long term boarding. Please call us for a quote.

    Please note:

    If your pet is collected during our morning opening time (9-11AM) then there is no charge for that day. If your pet is collected during our evening opening time (5-6 PM) then you will be charged for that day.

  4. How can I contact you?

    You can call us on 087-2832767 at any time. Alternatively, you can send us a message though the Contact Us page or email [email protected]

  5. How early in advance should I book my dog in?

    As our kennels are quite small and we only have11 dog kennels and 5 cat chalets, spaces are booked quickly. 

    We advise that you book you pet in with us as early as possible, particularly if you are planning on going away during our busy periods.

    ie. Summer, Christmas, Easter or Bank Holiday weekends.


  6. Can I come to view your kennels/cattery before I book my pet in? Can I bring my children?

    We advise that you come to view our kennels/cattery before you book your pet in. That way you can see exactly where your pet will be kept, you can meet the staff and discuss any concerns you may have.

    We ask that you bring your dog with you if possible, as we like to meet them before they come to stay with us.

    You are welcome to bring your children along, however we ask that they are kept fully supervised and under control while in the kennel area.


  7. How can I book my pet into your kennels?

    You can book your pet into our kennels by calling us on 087-2832767, in person when you come to view our kennels or by filling in a booking form

    Alternatively you can email [email protected]

    Provisional bookings will be held for up to two weeks, however we need a 20 euro per dog and 10 euro per cat deposit to secure the booking.

  8. What other services do you provide?


    We provide professional grooming services. We offer a 10% discount on grooming for dogs that are staying in our kennels.

    We also provide flea treatment and nail clipping services.

    If you would like to avail of these services while your pet is staying with us please let us know at time of booking or drop off.


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Kennels and Boarding

  1. Have your kennels been inspected? Are you insured?

    Yes, we are members of the IBKCA ()Irish Boarding Kennels and Cattery Association (member no.0401).

    As part of our membership we are regularly inspected.

    As there is no legislation in Ireland in regards to boarding kennels and no minimum standards, we follow the UK and Australian guidelines to ensure your pet is safe, happy and well looked after.

    Our kennels are fully insured and so is every animal boarding with us.

  2. What vaccinations does my pet need?

    You dog needs to have up to date booster and kennel cough vaccines.

    If you are planning on boarding your cat, please consult with your vet to get your pet the appropriate vaccines.

    Please bring your pets vaccination card with you and show it to a member of staff before you take your pet out of the car. And remember, no vaccine card=no entry to kennels.


  3. Are your kennels heated?

    Yes, our kennels are heated during cold weather with oil filled electric radiators.

    They are also extremely well insulated to retain heat.

    Our kennel block is fitted with a thermometer to monitor the inside temperature to insure your pet is not cold.



  4. Can I call/text while Im away to find out how my pet is?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time to ask about your pet.






  5. Will you keep my dog in the house?

    No, we do not keep boarding pets in the house.

    We have dogs of our own so it is not safe or fair to mix strange dogs in with them.

  6. If I have more than one pet can they share a kennel/cat chalet?

    Yes, your pets can share a kennel, playtimes and walks. We offer a 10% discount for multiple pets sharing a kennel/cat chalet.

    Alternatively, if you have multiple pets that you wish to keep separated, please let us know at time of booking.


  7. Will my pet be allowed to play with pets from other families?

    No, absolutely not.

    For health and safety reasons we never mix pets from different families.




  8. My male dog is not neutered/my bitch is in heat. Will you still board them?

    Yes, because we never mix dogs we are able to accomodate bitches in heat and intact males.

    However: We will not board entire male cats over the age of six months.


  9. Are there any breeds you will not board?

    No, we will accept any breed of dog into our kennels.

    We have experience with a lot of breeds, big and small, and we love them all the same.




  10. My dog has health or behavioural issues. Will you still board him?

    Yes, we often board pets with health problems such as heart disease, epilepsy and joint problems and pets with behavioural issues such as seperation anxiety, nervousness and fear aggression.

    If your dog has any health or behavioural issues please let us know at time of booking.



  11. Will you board elderly pets or young puppies?

    We will board elderly pets, however if your pet has special needs due to its age please let us know at time of booking.

    We will not board puppies under 15 weeks of age due to health reasons.




  12. Do you administer medication to pets?

    Yes, we administer medication at no extra cost.

    If your pet requires medication please let us know at time of booking.

    Please bring medication for your pet in a container labeled with instructions.

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Boarding your pet

  1. What can/should I bring with my pet?

    You need to bring your pets up to date vaccination card with you when you drop him off.

    We advise you to bring a comfort item such as your pet's blanket or toys.

    Please dont wash your pet's blanket before you drop him off with us, it is important that it smells of home to help your pet to settle in.

    You can also bring treats or chews that your pet likes. There is no need to bring your pet's food bowls.

  2. What happens when my pet is dropped off?

    When you arrive to drop off your pet, please show an up to date vaccination card to a member of staff before you take your pet out of the car.

    You may then bring your pet down to the kennel area. Please keep your dog on a lead, or your cat in an appropriate cat carrier until they are inside the secure kennel or cattery area.

    Once your pet is in its kennel it is best to leave without too much fuss.

    Getting upset or excited will cause your pet to become anxious.

    You will then be taken to the office where you will be asked to fill in a form with you and your pet's details.

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Feeding and exercise

  1. Will my dog be let out of its kennel during its stay?

    Yes, unless a dog is behaving very aggressively  it is let out of its kennel for playtimes, usually four times per day.

    We spend time with aggressive dogs talking etc as sometimes its only fear that makes them aggressive and after a while they settle down and can then be taken out of their kennel.





  2. Will my dog be exercised off lead in open areas?

    Absolutely not, we never allow dogs off lead, except when they are in our secure kennel area surrounded by 6 foot fences.

    They are supervised at all times when out of their kennel.




  3. What food do you supply?

    We supply a high quality dry dog food and will feed tinned food on request.

    If your dog needs tinned food please let us know when you drop him off.

    If you wish to supply your own food you are welcome to do so. Please give instructions on the dog food container.




  4. Can I supply my dogs own food?

    If your dog is on a special diet or you would prefer he stayed on his usual food you are more than welcome to bring his food with you.





  5. How often will my dog be fed?

    We usually feed dogs twice per day, in the morning and evening.

    However we like to mimic our boarders usual routine so if your dog is fed more or less often please let us know when you drop him off.

  6. If my two dogs are sharing a kennel, can they be fed seperately?

    Yes, of course. If your dogs need to be fed seperately please let us know when you drop them off.

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General concerns

  1. I have never left my dog before, will he be upset?

    Depending on his age and socalisation, your dog might be a little anxious for the first day. We find that most dogs settle in fine after they go for their first walk with us.

    Leaving a dog in a kennels is a new experience for a dog and provides good socialisation. Its best to get your dog used to kenneling when its young, but its never too late.

    Generally, dogs settle in very quickly and its the owners that are more upset!



  2. I got my dog from a pound. If I leave him in kennels will he think Im abandoning him?

    No, your dog wont think you are abandoning him. The environment and atmosphere in a dog pound is very different from that of a boarding kennels and your dog will notice the difference.

    It would be a good idea to bring a comfort item from home, such as your dogs blanket to help him settle in. It is also a good idea when dropping your dog off to be happy and upbeat and leave without too much fuss. That way your dog will know he is being left somewhere nice and won't get anxious.


  3. Can I leave my dog for a trial night to get him used to kennels?

    Yes, if you want to you are more than welcome to book your dog in for one or more one night stays to get him used to kennels before you leave him for a longer stay.

    It is not usually necessary but it sometimes helps give owners peace of mind that their dog will be happy when they go away on holidays.



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